"Everybody on this planet is a channel. We have something to offer. Most of us are not connected to what we are channeling, because our minds are clogged with so much thinking and so much busyness. Your body is one big antenna for truth. If you get really quiet and really listen, then you start becoming that channel. You can offer what you're receiving to the planet. Our greatest mission is to be able to help someone. We learn how to do it by helping ourselves." quote by Bryan Kest from Yogi Bare Naked Truth from America's Leading Yoga Teachers by Philip Self

Floating Yoga: 1. To rest on the surface of any liquid, to be buoyed up. 2. To move quietly and gently on the surface of a liquid, participating in its motion. 3. To be suspended in a liquid with freedom to move; to swim. Yoga: In Hindu philosophy, union with the Supreme Spirit; a system of ascetic practice, abstract meditation, and mental concentration, pursued as a method of obtaining this. Floating Yoga: Yoga, combined with floating as a tool to accentuate all aspects of a balanced yoga practice.

Yama: our attitude toward our environment. Niyama: our attitude toward our selves. Asana: the practice of body exercises. Pranayama: the practice of breathing exercises. Pratyahara:  the restraint of our senses. Dhyana: the ability to develop interactions with what we seek to understand. Dharana: the ability to direct our minds. Samadhi: complete integration with the object to be understood.

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The most amazing quality that anybody can have is the quality of listening.

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